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Diesel goes Lost Diesel goes Lost

I don’t know whether you are a Levi’s or Diesel or Lee or G-Star or whatever jeans brand fan. Or maybe you just choose the pair of jeans that fits you best and you don’t give a damn about the brand behind it. Or at least that’s what you think. Some jeans brands are obviously stronger in communicating towards youngsters and Gen Yers than others and thus more attractive to them. Let’s take a look at Diesel. Since decades known and appreciated for its inventive and creative way of talking to their target audience and today Diesel communicates about stupidity.

With this campaign, Diesel didn’t choose the ‘expected by society’ or smart side but remained loyal to its rebellious DNA. ‘Be stupid’ is the tagline of the campaign and stupid pictures and acts emphasize this message. So far nothing new (see Joeri’s and Mattias’ book page 20).

This spring and summer, the campaign is going to the next level @Diesel Island. The jeans brand decided to create a new world for the braves and terminally stupid. ‘The land of the stupid, home of the brave’ is the slogan of the fictional Diesel island. It also depicts itself as ‘the least fu*ked up country in the world’. With this Diesel Island, the brand hits right where it should to remain attractive amongst youngsters.

Not only succeeds the campaign in using the right tone and style, it brings the campaign to the social level, where Gen Yers are present. It integrates print and outdoor advertising, viral videos, a Facebook application or a game. And it includes the Diesel shops. Through Facebook visitors can become residents of the island and participate in the government and even be elected as president. This possibility of involvement and creating content is ideal for the stimulation junkie generation.

By all means, this campaign clearly stands the CRUSH test. Cool, real, unique, self-identification and happiness are in a small or large dose present. Though it doesn’t communicate much about the brand’s products, it’s all about being different, standing out the crowd, be inventive and surprising. It’s in line with the brand’s DNA. It enables people to belong to the brand and it’s universe. It’s 100% Diesel.

Show people new sides of your brand and make them part of your brand. For example, by making  them a resident.

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