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Pride and tolerance Millennial pride and tolerance

Lana Del Rey isn’t the only Gen Yer who’s singing The National Anthem, apparently. According to this new infografic on pride and tolerance, from ‘The Next Normal’ survey of the VIACOM International Media Network, Millennials are more proud and tolerant compared to their peers in 2006. (We discussed the first one, about success and happiness here). More results from the survey can be found on the VIMNInsights Tumblr.

Compared to the results found in 2006, 9 to 30 year olds are more proud of their country. The average national pride has increased with 6%. The Millennials who are most proud of their country are the ones living in the USA (90%), France (82%) and Germany (81%). The countries whose pride has increased the most since 2006 are Japan (+33%) and Germany (+27%).

Next to being more proud of their countries, Gen Yers would also like to maintain local traditions. The German, Chinese and UK Millennials especially, attach more importance to their local customs now than in 2006.

But not only local traditions are important to Millennials. They find it also very important to be welcoming and tolerant towards people from other countries. The most welcoming Millennials are the Indians (91%), Mexicans (86%) and South Africans (80%).

Overall, Millennials are connected and like to share things with their network. Most of them are curious about the world and very tolerant to each other. More information on ‘The Next Normal’ survey can be found here.

The Next Normal - Pride and Tolerance infographic



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