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TomorrowLand Why Millennials love Tomorrowland

Exactly one week ago, by this time, my four friends and I were jumping around, feeling happy and excited (almost crying), but at the same time also very curious. Why? Because the moment we had been waiting for, for months, was finally there. We had entered the madness, we had entered Tomorrowland.

What is Tomorrowland exactly? You should be ashamed if you’ve never heard of it, but if so, I’m happy to share some crazy facts about the ‘what and how’ of the most successful festival in the world and why it’s so popular amongst us, Millennials. Tomorrowland is a three day dance music festival in Boom, Belgium, and at the same time also the largest festival of its kind that has been recently awarded best festival of the world during the International Dance Music Awards. Its unique psychedelic magical atmosphere, combined with its impressive and varied music line-up makes this a festival you just want to be part of.

The secret of Tomorrowland

Why does everyone want to be part of the madness Tomorrowland offers? There are a lot of festivals around the world who offer the same line-up, but Tomorrowland offers that ‘little’ extra, also called ‘the total Tomorrowland experience’. Every year, they invest a lot of time, effort and manpower in decorating the festival area. And trust me, every year, the overall result is impressive. From the moment we entered the festival area, we literally ran to the main stage because we were so excited to see what they made of it this year. Call us crazy, but wait until you stand there yourself.

It’s like walking into a fairytale, where everything is possible. From the magical decorations of all the different stages, to dancing elves everywhere, to a star restaurant in the middle of the festival meadow, to the campingsite named ‘Dreamville’ to the partyflight even before the festival has started: all of this contributes to the experience of being part of a fantasy world where you can escape for a while from the busy everyday life. And that is what Millennials love about it. Not to forget about the feeling of happiness the festival creates. Not only are you in a magical world, you’re together with 180.000 other people coming from 214 different countries, dancing and having fun together.

All of this makes that people want to be there. They want to be part of ‘the madness’, which explains also the fact that tickets were sold out in literally one second. Everyone wants to be part of it. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who is, you want to share this experience with everyone: check-in on Foursquare, let your Twitter followers know you’re there and post a lot of pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Been there, done that ;-).


To see and to be seen

And of course, if you share the experience with the world, you better look great! Like I’ve already talked about in a previous blogpost, festivals have a culture of their own (and especially Tomorrowland), fostering an environment of free-spirited expression. It’s about a unique expression, it’s about ‘see and be seen’. Not only bright colours and sexy denim shorts were omnipresent at the festival, but also hip rain boots, garlands and costumes could be seen everywhere: because it’s all matching with the vibe of the magical event.


And we’ve definitely haven’t seen it all… Next year, Tomorrowland is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, so I am very curious what they will do to surpass themselves yet again. Like their slogan states: “Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery”. Can’t wait to be part of that mystery.

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  1. Ricardo Dantas


    I live in Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, and I’d like to participate in this global event Tomorrowland, could you please inform date, location, etc…