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Friends Infographic: Friends and family

GenYers are born between 1980 and 1996, so most of them grew up with the TV show Friends, which ran from from 1994 to 2004. But in contrast to the series, where the friends became like family to each other, almost half of the GenYers in the VIACOM Next normal survey name a family member as their best friend. Particularly in Brazil (70%), India (68%) and Saudi Arabia (61%) Millennials say a family member is their best friend.
Millennials are inspired more by their families than by anyone else (81%) and they also trust their mother the most (78%). 58% of Millennials in the survey say that being part of a loving family is a sign of success and 49% even say it’s a driver of happiness.

Because of the internet and social media, Millennials have more online friends now than six years ago. In 2012 GenYers had approximately 40 online friends and 214 online contacts, compared to only 14 friends in 2006!

Although we notice an increase in the number of online friends, we also see that the circle of real-world friends gets smaller. The average Millennial now has 4.9 best friends and 21.7 other friends, compared to 5.1 best friends and 38.7 other friends in 2006.

You can see all the results in the infographic below:

infographic VIACOM

And what better way to finish this post than with the theme song of Friends. Enjoy!

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