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YOUTH 100 USA report 2016 YOUTH 100: Meet the top 20 Soft Drinks brands in the USA

For the sixth year in a row Voxburner (a global youth insights consultancy) publishes the YOUTH 100 report, a unique report revealing the top youth brands according to 16-24 year olds. And just yesterday the 2016 results for the USA were presented at their Youth Marketing Strategy event in NYC. In the coming days we’ll be sharing a sneak peek on the Soft Drinks and Money category here on the Cool Brands blog. Enjoy the read!

This year’s Soft Drinks brand ranking definitely shows the impact of the health trend among youth. Many newcomers are water, tea, juice or milk brands. It’s clear that most beverage companies are bound to make a shift to these healthier drinks if they don’t want to lose their connection with today’s youth.

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YOUTH 100 USA Soft Drinks 2016 ranking

Coke has for example invested in the lactose-free, low sugar, high protein milk brand Fairlife and Simply Juice to compete with Pepsico’s Tropicana. Nostalgic childhood juice brands such as Minute Maid (also part of Coca-Cola) and Capri-Sun are remarkable names back in the top 10.

Fairlife by Coke

Sprite is the surprising category winner, a bit against the overall health trend. The brand was able to win the hearts of youngsters in the US with strong campaigns and a consistent link with hip hop music in the past years. The limited Obey Your Verse – the collection included 16 cans with lyrics from Drake, Nas and Notorious B.I.G.. The packaging and Drake’s long-term partnership has certainly supported the brand’s position despite its far lower marketing budgets than Coke, which is estimated at twenty times higher than Sprite’s.

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Sprite Obey Your Verse

Gatorade has been celebrating its 50th anniversary in the past year and is positioning itself as the sports fuel drink with commercials full of top sport stars such as Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt. The brand is investing in personalization and customization and donates to youth sport organizations. Just like Sprite, it was one of the first soft drink brands to experiment with Snapchat. A sponsored lens, allowing users to shower a cooler full of Gatorade over their heads and then share the video with friends, obtained 165 million views over the last Super Bowl weekend.

Want to find out more about the YOUTH 100 report and dscover the brands that impact the daily lives of young people, from the moment they wake up, wash, eat breakfast and buy coffee, to the time before they switch off and sleep? Then stay tuned as tomorrow we’ll be sharing the results for the Money brands…

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